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09. Human factor

The bank's sustainable was recognised in 2015, both by socially responsible investment indices like the FTSE4Good, by analysts with its inclusion in the RobecoSAM ‘Sustainability Yearbook’, and by rankings of environmental management such as the Carbon Disclosure Project, comprised of the largest international companies by capitalisation.

The company is also a member of the United Nations Global Compact Network Spain and, as such, assumes the commitment to incorporate its 10 conduct and action principles into its activity on human rights --the bank has an online course on this subject available to employees--, labour, environment and combating corruption.

As a relevant stakeholder, Bankinter strengthened its support to entrepreneurs, as they are considered an engine to revitalise the economy and a source of creation of long-term jobs and wealth. To this end, in addition to the projects carried out directly by the Bankinter Innovation Foundation, the bank participated in these initiatives:

Collaboration programme with Secot (Spanish Seniors for Technical Cooperation), a platform of retired yet active executives who voluntarily and altruistically share their knowledge with innovative entrepreneurs and micro-companies.

Participation in the 10th edition of Mashumano Awards for young entrepreneurs, contributing with the selection, training and funding of the selected entrepreneurs.

Collaboration and financing at conferences to support young green entrepreneurs, organised by the start-up Greenweekend.

With respect to sustainable products and investments, these were the main new features:

The Bankinter Sustainability Fund, which centres on the equity securities included in the main environmental and social responsibility indices, increased its assets from nine to 76 million euros in 2015 and obtained a profit of 15.77%.

The Solidarity Visa Card, whose yields and maintenance fees the bank donates to social action projects via the 'Involved and United’ programme, with 1270 card holders on 31 December.

In the last quarter of 2015 Bankinter and the European Investment Fund signed their third agreement: SME Initiative. Via this agreement Bankinter is providing financing of up to 300,000 euros to companies that are eligible according to the criteria defined therein, under highly advantageous conditions, thanks to the guarantee that 50% of the operation will be received from the European Investment Fund. In addition to this new agreement, there is still 175 million euros available in Innovfin 2014, within the scope of Horizon 2020. Its aim is to support the financing of Spanish companies with fewer than 500 workers that they develop research and innovation activities and research projects.

Hal-Cash is the system that lets customers send money to anybody's mobile phone so they can withdraw it from a cash machine without using a credit card. In 2015, this system was used by 14,645 customers, who placed 139,806 orders for the amount of 36,293,550 euros. Hal-Cash helps groups who do not have bank accounts have access to financial services, of special interest for immigrants, facilitating the sending of remittances.

Participation continued in venture capital institutions / companies that invest in sustainable products, such as YsiosBiofund (biotechnology and life sciences), Going Green (electric vehicles), Eolia Renovables (wind and photovoltaic power) and Private Change Capital Private Equity Fund (clean technologies).

Internationally prestigious funds that invest under responsible criteria continued to be available to bank customers: BFG New Energy Fund (alternative energies), UBS Eq. Fund Global Innovators (demography, climate change and water), Pictet Water R (water), JPM Global Socially Responsible (companies on FTSE4Good Global Index) and Fidelity Global Healthcare Fund (health, medicine and biotechnology). During 2015, 13 new funds with these characteristics were also added, including: BNP Sustainable Activates Allocation Fund, Robeco SAM Smart Energy Fund and UBS Global Sustainable Innovators Fund.

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