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08. Innovation

The constant influx of innovation

Bankinter has always maintained a strategy of continual evolution in its technological architecture. Technology is one of the Bank's main sources of competitive advantage, acting as an indispensable feeding mechanism to enhance innovation within the organisation. Its effectiveness requires available systems that are robust and highly user-friendly.

In 2015, the enhancements made to the technological architecture of the company spanned across four areas:

Customer platforms. The bank improved remote services to its customers, such as the transactional website for individuals (bankinter.com), the broker service (broker.bankinter.com) and the service area for businesses (empresas. bankinter.com). To do this, the Bank used the latest technology available, much of which was originally conceived for non-financial purposes.

The computer infrastructure. The active management of Bankinter Global Services, the Group's technological department, led to great progress in the capacity to take on the increase in customers, improvements in response times, availability to operate 24 hours per day when faced with any type of incident, and a reduced cost in running systems.

Internal work tools. The company invested in improving employees' working environment, increasing their productivity and becoming more efficient with respect to relationships with customers.

IT security and confidentiality of information. In 2015, improvements were also made to data management operations and storage, allowing such systems and services to reach the highest levels of security, with an aim to protect them against any type of cyberattack. Levels of fraud in Bankinter are very low.

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