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09. Human factor

Transparency and responsibility

Bankinter promotes economic development at local, autonomous community and national levels, with special interest in the geographic regions in which it has the greatest presence. For this reason, it supports companies, not only with regard to financing, but also offering them the chance to become suppliers for the institution.

This opportunity is executed via the procurement policy approved by the group, which defines the negotiation, contracting and third party payment processes, in order to guarantee transparency, free competition, equality and saving.

The Procurement Department is responsible for compliance with and implementation of this policy to provide the company with all the goods and services it needs, in the timeline, amount and quality required, at the lowest cost and with minimum risk to the business.

In our suppliers we are looking for:

  • Innovation and reinvention skills
  • Continuous improvement
  • Proactiveness
  • Responsibility
  • Sustainability
  • Business ethic

Outsourcing policy

The banking environment, increasingly competitive, obligates institutions to work hard to constantly improve efficiency, leading them in turn to dedicating increasingly more internal resources to tasks that represent the essential core of its activities and provide greater added value.

It also obligates the bank to transfer some of its services, tasks and processes to third party specialists, with the consequent cost reduction and improved quality in outsourced services.

Nonetheless, this process can entail risks that must be evaluated, monitored and controlled, in line with the requirements of Good Corporate Governance. This is why Bankinter established an outsourcing policy that is applicable to the entire Group in 2015. Its principles are:

  • Non-delegable nature of responsibility
  • Establishment of contingency plans
  • Guarantee of internal knowledge
  • Monitoring
  • Duties of information

As a result, Bankinter develops a comprehensive procurement model based on these concepts:


  • Continuous improvement of the supply process, under the focal point of Corporate Responsibility
  • Demand socially responsible products, services and projects


  • Single procurement procedure for all Group companies, optimising the impacts of its decisions on the companies with which it works
  • Complete, precise and transparent Information in the supply process


  • Budgetary compliance of the bank and its subsidiaries, with the aim of taking maximum advantage of the resources each area has
  • Respect for human, labour and environmental rights by all participating parties and involvement in efforts aimed at preventing corruption
  • Selection and hiring of suppliers pursuant to the internal regulations in force at any given time and, especially, with values of corporate culture, management style and the Ethics Code and Code of Conduct of employees

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