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06. Risks

A living system to tackle fraud

Bankinter is firmly committed to IT security and to the confidentiality of its customers' information.

Many of the systems and products that are used to secure them are developed internally, which is a guarantee of adaptation to the objectives that are pursued. Consequently and in a sector like banking that is beset by continuous internet attacks, the fraud level at Bankinter is very low.

The bank's commitment to security is endorsed by the prestigious British Standards Institution (BSI), which once again has awarded the bank certificates ISO 22301:2012 for its system for managing business continuity, and ISO/IEC 27001:2013, for managing information security.

During 2015 the company also improved its security mechanisms for executing specific online banking transactions by adding a new authentication factor that complements the coordinates card with customers' mobile phones.

Bankinter's online fraud prevention systems also protect customers through the detailed analysis of all connections and transactions done on its websites. The application of an expert system automatically generates metrics that establish the risk level of each internet action. If there is any doubt, an analyst revises the operation and takes a decision in a matter of seconds. In this way, the protection model is living, in permanent evolution, and is adapted to the changing risk scenarios.

The high degree of system reliability lets excellent security levels for transactions be maintained, with almost zero impact on customers' legitimate activity.

New Management Plan

In 2015, Bankinter drafted a new Management Plan that establishes information security strategies and objectives for the next three years. The programme includes a series of initiatives, projects, investments and government regulations, which will ensure that Bankinter continues to be on the cutting edge with regard to innovation and protecting the information and assets of customers, employees and collaborators.

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